Theme 6 A Changing America

6.1 Early America
  • Overview: Informational article about the early groups that settled in America
  • Link to Theme: From the very beginning, settlers in America had diverse reasons for coming--some were sent as prisoners, some were indentured servants, some were opportunists looking for wealth, and some were looking for religious freedom.
  • Skill: Writing--students start a diary from the point of view of an early settler; maps and atlases, rhyming words, classification, writing a quatrain--end rhyme, internal rhyme; identifying and using parts of speech; presenting/reciting a poem
  • Discussion:

6.2 The Voyage of the Mayflower
  • Overview: Informative piece about the Pilgrims' journey across the Atlantic Ocean from England to America
  • Link to Theme: Like settlers before and after them, the Pilgrims had to endure much hardship in their voyage to the new land.
  • Skill: Investigation--modes of transportation available to early settlers; time lines; writing--cinquain, figurative language
  • Discussion:

6.3 Pocahontas
  • Overview: Biography of a Native American girl who acted as a bridge between the worlds of the colonists and her own people.
  • Link to Theme: Throughout the settlement of the United States by Europeans, American Natives have played a pivotal role. Without Pocahontas and her friendship, the settlers would have been lost.
  • Skill: narrowing and/or expanding investigation problems; writing--diamante, alliteration, assonance; words, phrases, and clauses as modifiers [L]
  • Discussion: Literary devices

6.4 Martha Helps the Rebel
  • Overview: A short play about a young colonial girl who helps an American soldier during the Revolutionary War.
  • Link to Theme: The Revolution was a defining moment in American History.
  • Skill: Latin roots; writing--free verse, rhythm, onomatopoeia; understanding and combing sentences
  • Discussion:

6.5 Going West
  • Overview: Informative piece about the experiences and hardships pioneers faced as they traveled to the American West in a wagon train.
  • Link to Theme: Early pioneers, whether searching for land or gold, were vital to the expansion of the American West
  • Skill: Greek roots; writing--pattern poetry, repetition, common irregular verbs [L]
  • Discussion:

6.6 The California Gold Rush
  • Overview: This historical piece outlines the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill and the beginning of the California Gold Rush.
  • Link to Theme: The prospect of riches made the hardships and dangers of traveling to California worth the risk for thousands of prospectors.
  • Skill: Drawing conclusions from information; charts, graphs, and tables, writing--details in descriptive writing; using past, present and future tenses in sentences [L]
  • Discussion: