Theme 5 Communication

5.1 Messages by the Mile
  • Overview: Informational article about how whales and elephants communicate
  • Link to Theme: Scientists are learning more each day about how different species of animals communicate.
  • Skill: Writing--argument (statement and support), prefixes re- and un-, descriptive words, phrases, mood
  • Discussion:
5.2 We'll Be Right Back After These Messages
  • Overview: An informational article about commercial advertising
  • Link to Theme: As consumers, we all need to be aware of what we are being sold and how advertisers use media.
  • Skill: surveys, suffixes -tion, -ture, -ure, writing--create an Ad and avoid wordiness, clauses
  • Discussion:

5.3 Breaking Into Print: Before and After the Invention of the Printing Press
  • Overview: Expository text about the invention of the printing press.
  • Link to Theme: Explores the impact of the printing press on the availability of books and learning for the masses.
  • Skill: Compare and contrast life before and after the invention of the printing press; awareness of different types of printed materials and how they are designed to communicate; form and revise questions for investigation, words with -ly, word derivations, writing--letter to the editor, structure of a business letter
  • Discussion:

5.4 Koko's Kitten
  • Overview: Information piece describing the famous story of Koko the gorilla and how she uses American Sign Language
  • Link to Theme: Koko is able to communicate her affection for kittens and her need for a pet kitten
  • Skill: Awareness of American Sign Language and its different forms and functions, use charts to describe verbal and nonverbal communication; use an index, words with -ful and -less; writing skill--outlining and argument
  • Discussion:

5.5 Luis Braille
  • Overview: Biography that explains Louis Braille's struggle to create an alphabet for the blind
  • Link to Theme: Humans have a need to communicate and receive information through various communication media
  • Skill: Use online media and resources to find information, prefix -ex; writing--argument, bibliography and citing references, subject-verb agreement
  • Discussion: Using nonverbal gestures

5.6 My Two Drawings
  • Overview: Excerpt from the classic Little Prince illustrating the fact that we do not always communicate what we think we are communicating.
  • Link to Theme: Attempts at communication sometimes fail.
  • Skill: Making communication clear and understandable--no matter what the form; writing--create an advertisement for adults, order of importance
  • Discussion: Art as a means of communication; impromptu speeches