Theme 4 Survival

4.1 Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Overview: Karana is accidentally abandoned on her island home when her people flee to avoid attack. Now she must choose between winter alone on a deserted island or a solo voyage in a canoe to find her family. (Loosely based on history)
  • Link to Theme: Courage and resourcefulness can help one deal with extreme dangerl
  • Skill: Plurals, word origins, comparative and superlative adjectives, writing a narrative
  • Discussion:

4.2 Arctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson
  • Overview: Biography of first African American to reach the north pole.
  • Link to Theme: One can survive a harsh climate through the direct teachings of those familiar with that environment.
  • Skill: compound and hyphenated compound words; continue comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Discussion:

4.3 McBroom and the Big Wind
  • Overview: Tall tale of Josh McBroom's battle with the elements and using resourcefulness to turn a bad situation around.
  • Link to Theme: Ingenuity and a positive attitude can turn a bad situation into a good situation.
  • Skill: Abbreviations, personification, exaggeration (hyperbole)
  • Discussion:

4.4 The Big Wave
  • Overview: Fictional account of Jiya's small Japanese fishing village and the aftermath.
  • Link to Theme: Time can help one heal emotionally when faced with disaster or extreme hardship.
  • Skill: Map skills, double final consonants, root words, prepositions [L] writing skill: characterization, fact and opinion
  • Discussion:
4.5 Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Overview: Anne and her family flee to their hiding place to avoid incarceration in a concentration camp during World War II.
  • Link to Theme: Writing is one way to express inner fears, helping one cope with a difficult situation.
  • Skill: Multimedia presentations, primary and secondary sources, changing y to i, homophones, biography, point of view
  • Discussion:

4.6 Music and Slavery
  • Overview: Oral history describing the suffering of African-Americans in the days of slavery and presenting a strategy they developed to cope with their situation.
  • Link to Theme: Music and dance can help one momentarily forget hardships and instill hope for better times.
  • Skill: literary mood, writing: a play
  • Discussion: