Theme 3 From Mystery to Medicine

3.1 Medicine Past and Present
  • Overview: Informational article about the growth of scientific medicine
  • Link to Theme: There were many contributing steps in the discovery of germs, the development of vaccines, and the development and identification of cures for diseases.
  • Skill: Expository (informational) text features, time lines, writing--business letter, avoiding wordiness, apostrophes [L]
  • Discussion:

3.2 Sewed Up His Heart
  • Overview: Biography of a surgeon's daring work to save a patient with a potentially fatal wound.
  • Link to Theme: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams became the first surgeon to open the chest cavity and repair a tear in the pericardium.
  • Skill: Using magazines and a variety of printed resources, idioms; writing--personal journal, place and location words, verb tenses [L]
  • Discussion:

3.3 The Bridge Dancers
  • Overview: "Coming of Age" fiction story about a girl who uses her knowledge of herbal medicine to help her wounded sister.
  • Link to Theme: Herbal medicine is still practiced in many rural areas of the United States.
  • Skill: "Coming of Age" stories, diagrams, metaphors, figurative language, subject-verb agreement [L]
  • Discussion: Cultural influences

3.4 Emily's Hands-On Science Experiment
  • Overview: Magazine article describing how an 11-year-old's science experiment raised serious questions about a current medical practice.
  • Link to Theme: Good science (process) is needed in order to test theories and make sure therapeutic practices are actually helpful to patients.
  • Skill: Informational (expository) text features; writing--friendly letter and tone of a letter; pronoun-antecedent agreement [L]
  • Discussion: interpreting media

3.5 The New Doctor
  • Overview: Fiction selection illustrates that wile conflicts arise when folk medicine and modern medicine converge, both still have benefits.
  • Link to Theme: Conflicts arise when folk medicine and modern medical practices converge.
  • Skill: Compare information across sources; Spanish words; writing--notes and cards, aim/purpose/audience; intensive, reflexive, and demonstrative pronouns [L]
  • Discussion: speaking to groups

3.6 The Story of Susan La Flesche Picotte
  • Overview: Biography of the first female Native American doctor in the United States and the environment of her medical practice.
  • Link to Theme: Susan La Flesche Picotte was the first female Native American to graduate from medical school in the United States.
  • Skill:Drawing conclusions, time and order words, adjectives and adverbs [L]
  • Discussion: engaging the audience

3.7 The Shadow of a Bull
  • Overview: Fiction story about a boy who chooses to become a doctor rather than a bullfighter
  • Link to Theme: There are many emotional issues associated with deciding on a career in the medical field
  • Skill: presentation techniques, dialogue journal, aim/purpose/audience
  • Discussion: