Theme 2 Dollars and Sense

2.1 Starting a Business
  • Overview: Magazine article for young entrepreneurs to help them choose a possible business and define a market
  • Link to Theme: It takes thoughtful reflection and planning to start a business
  • Skill: Create a chart to analyze and evaluate; Understand and use various types of sentences [L]
  • Discussion:

2.2 Henry Wells and William G. Fargo
  • Overview: Informative nonfiction piece introduces the founders of Wells Fargo and its place in California's history
  • Link to Theme: Successful business almost always grow out of the needs of people
  • Skill: Writing idea: describe a neighborhood business; Understand and apply capitalization and punctuation [L]
  • Discussion:

2.3 Elias Sifuentes, Restaurateur
  • Overview: Nonfiction story of a man who gave up his job to start a Mexican restaurant.
  • Link to Theme: It takes skill and insight to be a successful businessperson.
  • Skill: Stand beside the author - analyze a news story and write one using a similar format.
  • Discussion:

2.4 Food from the 'Hood: A Garden of Hope
  • Overview: True story of a business, started by students, that uplifted the whole neighborhood.
  • Link to Theme: A good business meets local needs, and students are capable of starting such a business.
  • Skill: Commas [L]; Listening (invite outside speakers to talk about their businesses)
  • Discussion:

2.5 Business is Looking Up
  • Overview: Fiction story that details what it takes to turn a clever idea into a successful business.
  • Link to Theme: Recognizing an untapped market and figuring out ways to reach that market takes ingenuity.
  • Skill: Quotation marks; Writing idea--recall or create a personal experience involving saving or earning toward a goal. Include some dialog. [L]
  • Discussion:

2.6 Salt
  • Overview: Folktale--Ivan the Fool turns out to be a genius at marketing.
  • Link to Theme: Business set their prices based on several factors, including supply and demand.
  • Skill: Social Studies - refer to market-based economy. Writing conventions: colons, semicolons and other marks [L]
  • Discussion:

2.7 A Milkmaid and her Pail
  • Overview: Fable that illustrates how a business is more than just a dream.
  • Link to Theme: Never assume the outcomes in a business before they are a reality.
  • Skill: Grammar, usage, and mechanics--conventions review.
  • Discussion: